About Us

Bilby makes tools that help you benefit from changes to policies and regulations. We use software to make regulations testable, predictable, and available as an API.

Our first use case is China. Why? Because China′s regulations are well-suited to software analysis. There are more than 94 million communist party members, who all must be told what to do every day. So there has to be an open, structured system of information encoding all of China′s policy and regulatory change. China′s regulations move markets. The three largest sell-offs in recent S&P 500 history all involve Chinese policy moves. But there is so much information that teams of human analysts cannot deal with the flow, and furthermore there are many research firms, data providers, risk consultancy, and media firms but none offering a SaaS product. And so this publicly available information is hidden to outsiders, and largely ignored at the moment.

The next step is to roll out our Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan software in roughly three-month intervals.

Please contact us if you′d like to join our waiting list for a trial, or to find out more.