• Dr. Ryan Manuel

    Dr. Ryan Manuel


    Ryan has spent more than 24 years working on where markets, governments and technology converge, mainly in academia, often in China.

  • Dr. Steve Enright-Ward

    Dr. Steve Enright-Ward


    Stephen has 8 years’ experience designing and building machine learning-driven software to help users extract critical insights from masses of unstructured text.

  • David Lee

    David Lee

    Senior ML Research Engineer

    David's passion is solving problems with technology both hardware and software.

  • Denise Wong

    Denise Wong

    Head of Product

    Denise's passion is for making products that delightful users. She also likes plants, though they do not like her.

  • Jeremy Thompson

    Jeremy Thompson


    Jeremy works on both the research and business side of things. You'll most likely see him with a craft beer in hand after work.

  • Michael Belete

    Michael Belete

    Senior Full Stack Engineer

    Michael is a full stack engineer who loves to build things. He is known for his driven, highly motivated, and never-give-up attitude.

  • Nik Takano

    Nik Takano

    Administrative Assistant

    Nik is the primary support of the team who takes care of all administrative and payroll functions as well as providing executive support to both Head of Product & CEO.

  • Simon Cartledge

    Simon Cartledge

    Editorial Director

    Simon Cartledge is the owner of Big Brains, a Hong Kong-based publish and research company, and a former Editor-in-Chief, Asia for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

  • Daniel Barrins

    Daniel Barrins


    Daniel is an early investor in Bilby and joined the Board in March 2022. He is Managing Director of Nightingale Partners (Hong Kong), an early stage venture capital firm and previously worked at a global law firm Herbert Smith Freehills and in management consulting at PwC. Daniel holds an M.B.A. from Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne), a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws from Monash University, and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Joining Team Bilby

At Team Bilby, we make cool things. What’s cool? Whatever you can make. We build. Part of that is that we therefore spend a lot of time together. So we like a good laugh and to have fun with the people we work with. We drink too much tea and our favorite part of the day is the staff lunch.

We pick champions. But we dislike making them punch a clock in and out; flexible work hours and lifestyle are a founding principle of Bilby. We trust you to choose the circumstances in which you do good work, and to take charge of the task so that it gets done.

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Bilby TeamBilby TeamBilby TeamBilby TeamBilby Team

Bilby Values

High HQ
Like most places, we want people with high IQs and high EQs.
We add one more thing: hacker quotient; the desire to use whatever tool or method most efficiently and effectively makes something happen.
Lions over cows
Working hard is good, working with flow is much better. We would rather than you sprint, get done, and rest than that you’re always at work chewing grass. Your job is to know what you need to make that happen, and our mission to make sure we provide it to you.
Don’t miss serves
We don’t give away cheap points — being polite, turning up on time, following up, making things accessible to all and not holding on to them are all not negotiable. Always doing the easy things right make it easier to do the hard things.
If in doubt, we do the basics really well. We consistently know and solve the fundamental problems, and try and ignore flashy things that won’t matter in a few years.
We don’t do cults.
We like people telling us ways we can improve. We are a team of people who left academia and industry to try and solve a generational problem, and to build a strong company for the long term. We hope you will push us even harder than we push ourselves.
The best penalty takers take the shots. If you make 80% of your shots and the person next to you 70%, you take the penalty, regardless of age, gender, seniority, or first language spoken.