Bilby Product Suite

The world’s only AI platform for understanding governments. Bilby's AI powers multiple products, each customised and constantly improving for you.

At the heart of Bilby is the world’s only platform for understanding governments. Our platform houses tools including 25M+ scrapers, 100M+ data transformation functions, and 15+ foundational proprietary AI models.

We combine these tools to build ever-improving, AI-customised products that predict and analyse government activity for you.

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Bilby Terminal

Our signature platform for policy and regulatory analysis.

Bilby Data
Bilby has the world’s biggest collection of data for government activity. Find everything you need, in one place.
Bilby AI
Bilby has the world’s only proprietary AI models for government activity. For example, our TrueSentiment model takes into account government language and is 10% more accurate than models.
Bilby Analysis and Chat
Our proprietary AI models help you filter for what is relevant, provide necessary background, and put government action in context, boosting depth of coverage by 100x.
Bilby Alerts and Bilby Radar
Create Bilby Alerts to get real time updates on developments of interest, then monitor developments via Bilby Radar, our dashboard visualising trends and flow.
Bilby Reports Feed and Relationship Graphs
Stay up to date with the Bilby Reports Feed with analysis from experts, using our Bilby Terminal. Also see the relationships between all entities in China, to visualise all the stakeholders for any event in China.
Customise your AI
As you use the Terminal the data is used to build and improve new models, customised just for your needs. This constant improvement means we remain market leading.
Secure Infrastructure
With Bilby, you get world-class hosting infrastructure and state-of-the-art encryption for all data stored securely offshore in the cloud

Bilby Supermemo

Join Fortune 500 companies, major banks and hedge funds and have Bilby cover all of your research, regulatory, risk, geopolitical, and policy analysis.

World-class analysts, augmented by Bilby
For unparalleled coverage, order order Bilby Enterprise and have our team solve your pain points.


What our clients say about us

Bilby is an exceptional tool for tracking trends and signals in the ever-changing landscape of Chinese policy. With its advanced AI capabilities, the platform provides real-time updates and analysis on policy changes, as well as insights into the potential impact on businesses and industries. The platform's customization capability and analyst briefing make it easy to digest insights.
Overall, the Bilby Platform is an essential tool for anyone seeking to stay ahead of the curve in decoding China's ever-evolving policy landscape.

Castor Hui
Director of Corporate Innovation, Brinc