Bilby follows every Chinese regulator, ministry, opinion leader, important state-owned and private enterprise, and decision maker. We use this unique data pipeline to make our own tools and algorithms, with patents pending. Machine learning models fine-tune all our hypotheses, and being software, we can export information in many ways. Think Bloomberg + Palantir + China = Bilby.

Bilby brings a range of advantages for a firm. It can be one′s own emerging markets translator, China specialist, government affairs team, and sector analyst permanently on call, and 10x cheaper than hiring someone. At the moment our biggest clients are financial services firms: our tools make traders more efficient and glean unique insights; our machine learning tools improve portfolio management and trading; and our models help understand and properly price risks, financial services, and products. Our software is also predictive. It also offers considerable upside potential through providing insights, predictions and network analysis services. We show not only which relationships and documents will affect your portfolio, but what is likely to come next.