Meet the Team

Dr. Ryan Manuel

Founder & Managing Director

Ryan has spent nearly 20 years working on where markets, governments and technology converge, mainly in academia, often in China.

Dr. Stephen Enright-Ward


Stephen has 8 years’ experience designing and building machine learning-driven software to help users extract critical insights from masses of unstructured text.

Simon Cartledge

Editorial Director

Simon Cartledge is the owner of Big Brains, a Hong Kong-based publish and research company, and a former Editor-in-Chief, Asia for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

David Lee

Senior ML Research Engineer

Often getting called "crazy" by his friends, David's passion is solving problems with technology both hardware and software.

Kailash Prasad

Head of Research for Emerging Markets

Kailash has spent most of the last decade focusing on the political, economic and regulatory landscape of growth markets; mainly India.

Jeremy Thompson


Jeremy works on both the research and business side of things. You'll most likely see him with a beer in hand after work.